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30 September, 2015

Provide The Best For The Best

When you own a busy working bar or club, it gets pretty expensive with the amount of purchases you need to make to keep your customers happy. The MOST important necessity 90% of bars and clubs essentially need to replace or just supply more of are shot glasses. 

Shot glasses are a pretty tricky glassware to find a lot of that is both inexpensive and well grounded. You will need shot glasses that are

  • strong 
  • reliable 
  • appealing and 
  • that will last you a lifetime!

Our Dream Shot Glass 59ml are the best in this regard. These amazing high quality shot glasses have a unique elegant design - providing your business with great appearance and professionalism. They don’t chip or break as easily, nor feel slippery in the hand like majority of shot glasses do.

With these shot glasses, the more you order, the cheaper it gets! You wouldn’t want to miss out on our practical Dream Shot Glasses that will supply your bar or club with exceptional glassware in the most cost effective way possible. Order our Dream Shot Glasses today!

Dream Shot Glass

The Glassware Only Team