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15 November, 2021

How To Make Celebrations Memorable

You have a celebration coming up – a work anniversary, a wedding, a staff achievement – and you don’t know how to celebrate it with a gift. Why not try custom champagne glasses. You can get them printed or etched with a logo or design, and they make wonderful gifts.

Champagne has always been acknowledged as the go to drink for any celebration to why not pair that with custom branded Champagne glasses. Get them etched with a special message or perhaps with the date that is being marked. Not only does it mean you have something special for the day, but it will also be a lovely memento for everyone to look at each time they subsequently celebrate something else and need to use the glasses.

There are various styles to choose from, but the most popular are either a cup or flute style. When making your purchase, one thing you want to consider is the shape of the glass to what you want branded. Many champagne glasses are very narrow when you do a flute style, so any text can not be wide. In other words, wanting to brand a website URL onto a champagne glass is not practical. Most flute shapes only allow for about a 30 to 35mm width for branding, so bear this in mind when choosing your glass. If you need something larger, the best option is a cup style as you will have a wider branding area on these.

You now have your champagne and glasses, so we need to get the celebrations started. This commences with opening the champagne bottle, and there are a couple of simple things to adhere to. Firstly make sure the champagne is cold enough. It should be about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is too warm, sometimes the pressure inside the bottle is too much, and the cork will fly, and you’ll have a geyser of champagne coming out of the bottle. Use a wine knife to remove the foil, then with a towel or napkin hold it over the top and untwist the cage counter clockwise, while still holding the cork down. Once the cage is released you then twist the bottle to slowly remove the cork. It is very important you twist the bottle and not the cork. Slowly twist and you will feel the cork slowly releasing. Keep pressure on so the cork does not pop out and once the cork is removed, give a wipe to the lip of the bottle, and you are ready to drink.

The next important thing is pouring the champagne. What we don’t want to do is lose too many of the bubbles, nor do we want an excessive amount of foam, so the best way to avoid this is tilt the glass so it is at about a 45 degree angle. Bring the champagne bottle to the rim of the glass and then pour slowly, but make sure the champagne hits the side of the glass and not the bottom. This will ensure there is not a build up of foam.

The Glassware Only Team