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15 June, 2022

Definitive Guide To Beer Glass Types And Their Uses

You might think that opening a bottle of beer and then just pouring it into a glass is all you need to do when it comes to enjoying an afternoon bevvy, but there is a reason for all the different shapes out there. Each one is designed to enhance certain beer types. Looks are certainly part of it, but depending on the shape of the glass it can enhance the aromas in different beers, in different ways. When it comes to tasting something, the smell is actually a large part of it, so using the right beer glass can potentially enhance your enjoyment.

We’ve decided to compile some of the more popular styles here and hopefully, it will help you in the future when you next grab that bottle of beer to pour it into a glass.

Coburg Beer Glass 570ml
Pint Glasses

1. Pint Glasses: We are talking Imperial pint glasses here, not the smaller American version. They usually hold 20 ounces (approx. 568ml) compared to American pint glasses that hold 16oz (approx 473ml). Usually, they feature a small lip at the mouth. Beer wise, this is one that you can use for almost any style of beer, but some of the more popular ones it could be used for are any ales or lagers.

Tall Pilsner Beer Glass 592ml
Pilsner Glasses

2. Pilsner Glasses: The main feature of this style of beer glass is that it is tall and slim. The mouth is usually a little wider than the body and what this does is give you great clarity through the beer and make visible the sparkle. It also helps retain the heat better and this enhances some aromas when sipping your beer. In this style of a beer glass, we recommend pilsners, lagers, blonde ales, Maibock, Japanese rice lagers and witbiers.

Weizen Beer Glasses
Weizen Beer Glasses

3. Weizen Beer Glasses: Weizen is German for wheat, so the actual translation is wheat beer glass. Usually, the walls of the glass are quite thin and tall. This helps show off the colour of the beer. Wheat beer tends to have banana and clove aromas, so the design of this glass is to help accentuate those aromas while also keeping a good steady head on the top. Although similar to a pilsner glass, they typically are smaller and hold only about 200ml of liquid. The obvious choices of beer for this are any wheat ales, Weizenbock or Kristallweizen.

Belgium Beer Glass 473ml
Belgium Beer Glasses

4. Belgian Beer Glasses: These glasses are designed to promote the aromas of malt and hop beers. They typically come with a large bulbous body rising to a flared lip. They have been designed to capture the head and the short stem allows you to swirl the beer like wine, helping to release more aromas and flavours. The best beers with this style of glass are any type of ale, but you could also try barley wine in this type of glass.

Lion Beer Glass 414ml
Goblet Beer Glasses

5. Goblet Beer Glasses: Typically this style of beer glass comes with a thick stem and a large round bowl opening at the top which is designed to keep the head. If you want a glass to take big, deep sips from, this is the one to go for. The stem, like the Belgian beer glass, is designed for you to swirl the beer to release more aromas and flavour. This is a good glass for big and hearty beers such as strong, dark ales.

Star Beer Mug 473ml
Beer Mugs

6. Beer Mugs: You'll find these in various shapes and sizes, however, what sets these beer mugs apart is the handle. You probably haven't thought about it before, but the handle has a special purpose. It is there to stop you from warming the beer prematurely. Keeping your hand off the glass, allows the beer to stay colder for longer. Usually, they will have thicker glass than other styles. This helps both with insulation and durability. For beer type, depending on what shape the mug is, almost any beer type would suit.

This may not be an exhaustive list, but hopefully, you’ll think a little differently the next time you buy some beer glasses for yourself or reach for one at home. If you are thinking of using beer glasses to promote a business or maybe to use them in a restaurant or bar, we can help with choosing the right style and also getting them branded for you. Just give us a call or send us an email and one of our sales team will be glad to help.

The Glassware Only Team